Interprofessional collaboration and professional nurse identity

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Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is of great importance in the complex care of frail older people. IPC goes beyond multidisciplinary collaboration and ties in with trends and developments in health care that can further improve the quality of health care. However, IPC can be obstructed when it is perceived as a threat to one’s professional identity (PI). PI is seen as both prerequisite and inhibitor for the development of interprofessional identity (IPI). Facilitating IPI formation is likely to enhance IPC. An IPI is a social identity based on a widening circle of group membership that consists of more than one profession. There are strong indications that a distinct PI is inherent to an IPI.
Nurses are key drivers of change towards IPC, which asks for confident and aware nurses. Strong PI and IPI is a prerequisite for the development of these qualities. These strong identities (PI and IPI) result in higher confidence in expressing professional values, effective interprofessional learning and collaboration and lower job retention. The development of an PI or IPI is a challenging process through socialization in groups. Some beneficial elements to their development like simulated IPE experiences and role modelling focused on team functioning, are known from literature. However there is a call for more in-depth knowledge about the processes that can contribute or hinder the development of these identities. ZuidOostZorg conducts own practical research in this field and facilitates a PhD research with this focus.
To improve understanding of the formation of PI and IPI of healthcare professionals through education.
Which factors and interventions influence the formation of PI and IPI of healthcare professionals?
What characterizes the development of professional and interprofessional development over time?
In an interactive online meeting we shared information about interprofessional collaboration, how it differs from multidisciplinary collaboration and what facilitators and barriers there are. We presented data and expert-observations to illustrate this. Furthermore we highlighted the importance of the professional identity of the nurse. We also discussed the PhD research and presented preliminary results.
Periode5 okt. 2022
EvenementstitelEuropean Nursing Congress 22 Future Proof Nursing: Nurses as Key Drivers of Change
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  • interprofessionele samenwerking
  • interprofessionele identiteit
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