International dialogues amongst research and practice conference

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Methodological issues in an practice oriented research project.

Presentation Zürich: Sustainable labour participation:
•Vitality: high levels of energy, vigour, and resilience while working and the willingness to keep investing energy in the job during trying circumstances.
•Employability: the ability to keep on performing the different tasks and positions in the current and in future organizations and sectors.
•Workability: the degree to which an individual is mentally, physically, and socially capable of working.
Periode2 sep. 2014
LocatieWädenswil, SwitzerlandToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational


  • methodologie
  • onderzoek
  • vitaliteit
  • inzetbaarheid
  • werkbaarheid
  • self-tracking
  • arbeidsparticipatie