INPRO; Results of the Erasmus+ interprofessional education and collaboration in practice; How transferring European promising practice to education and vice versa move interprofessional education and rehabilitation practice forward.

Activiteit: Oral presentation


Education at high educational institutes in Belgium, Austria, Finland, and the Netherlands and regional rehabilitation centres experienced a gap between the education of future professionals and the practical needs in rehabilitation field. An Erasmus+ Programme funded team of rehabilitation professionals and educators developed, and pilot tested in the past 2,5 years materials, informed by the WHO, to bridge the transfer from education to practice.
This presentation will evaluate the outputs of a strong collaboration between workers and educators that share promising approaches and are willing to mutual learning. Conference members are provided with a practical interprofessional framework and learning materials for collaborative health and social care practice and education. Interaction will be stimulated by discussion and mentimeter.
Outputs and materials are, firstly, a stepwise interprofessional competence framework implementation that fits for education and practice and stimulates life-long learning, second, directions and examples how to use the person-centred approach and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as basic understanding, third, the practice-oriented design of regional and international interprofessional education for rehabilitation workers and students, and fourth, described and pilot tested a guidebook on how professionals coach students to run an interprofessional learning ward in rehabilitation centres.
After this presentation attendees can follow a round table discussion about the process of implementing the INPRO competency framework and visit a poster to discuss different ways to set up an interprofessional internship named a student learning ward.
Periode7 sep. 2023
EvenementstitelEuropean Interprofessional Practice & Education
LocatieBochum, GermanyToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational


  • interprofessionele educatie
  • interprofessionele samenwerking
  • interprofessioneel leren