GAME (Guided AudioMotor Exploration): piano tuition for adult Cochlear Implant recipients

    Activiteit: Invited talk


    Design research is used to develop a piano method for use by Cochlear Implant users. The method is designed to promote audiomotor integration rather than visuomotor integration, but will not involve singing. It is based on our current understanding of brain function, in particular the concepts of the predicting brain, dual-stream perception, ideomotor learning and procedural learning. A pilot was conducted in which tablature was an important component. Evaluation of the pilot suggests that improvisation would be a more successful method for teaching these pupils. During the next phase, the method will therefore build on the concept of partimento, an improvisation method practised in the 18th century, which can be characterized by ‘hands-on learning’ and the priority of skill training above conceptual learning.
    Periode21 nov. 2018
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