Excellence by teaching strategy: autonomy and structure in balance for every student

  • Tineke Kingma (Speaker)
  • Marjolein Heijne-Penninga (Speaker)
  • Kamans, E. (Speaker)
  • Marca Wolfensberger (Speaker)
  • Debbie Jaarsma (Speaker)

Activiteit: Oral presentation


Students differ in their learning preferences. Research (Mooij & Fettelaar, 2010) shows that talented students will lower their ambitions and seek out new ambitions outside education when not being challenged within education. When students are more intrinsically motivated this improves their well-being and involvement (Levesque, Zuehlke, Stanek, & Ryan, 2004; Vansteenkiste, Lens, & Deci, 2006). Teaching highly motivated honours students places different demands on teachers (Wolfensberger, 2012). Teachers indicate that they struggle with finding the right balance between providing students autonomy and structure. This study focuses on how teachers adapt their teaching strategy to honours students and to regular students in order to find the right balance between autonomy and structure for both types of students. One result seems to be the difference in using questions to challenge honours and regular students. During the research meeting we will share the most important results and their implications for practice.
Periode8 jun. 20179 jun. 2017
EvenementstitelInternational Honours Conference Windesheim
LocatieZwolle, NetherlandsToon op kaart


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