Entrepreneurship Student competition Intensive program Open access training material

  • Jorg Andree (Member)
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By the start of COP4HL it was stated that the Entrepreneurship student competition was to be seen as a major driver and innovative element to raise student interest in the development of CBI in the field, and to directly test their behavior and skills of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it was labelled to contribute to sustainability of CBI. By organizing local activities (e.g. workshops on entrepreneurship and competitions), developing open access supporting materials as part of a support system and an intensive program the aim was to enable entrepreneurship from students around the field of Healthy Ageing. In this document firstly the student competition at local level is described (Chapter I). Subsequently the intensive program, the main outcomes and the impact of student involvement on sustainability are explained in Chapter II. A manual for creating a student competition, including open access training materials is described in chapter III.
Periode4 jan. 2021
EvenementstitelEntrepreneurship Student competition Intensive program Open access training material
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