Developing Health Literacy Tools

Activiteit: Invited talk


In this demonstration workshop, the topic of health literacy and its key importance in good, clear communication with patients will be discussed.

The workshop will invite participation from the attendees to consider what they think constitutes good communication and the presenters will share their multi-professional experiences and perspectives of nursing, physiotherapy and family medicine (both clinical and academic) and what good (and bad!) clinical communication looks like to patients, in both verbal and written format.

The benefits of good communication, in terms of improving patient understanding, improving patient health literacy and empowering patient involvement in decision-making about their care will be discussed.

The presenters will share good practice with the attendees of the workshop, including the demonstration of tools developed by Sandra Lakke and her team for physiotherapists to use in their appointments with patients.

Throughout the workshop there will be interactive elements to allow attendees to participate. The workshop will conclude with a question-and-answer discussion session giving attendees opportunities to share their own experiences and gain constructive advice in response to clinical questions that have arisen.

The main objective of the workshop is to increase awareness about the importance of health literacy. To illustrate and teach both healthcare professionals and patients how to improve communication and shared decision making in clinical consultation. What type of questions patients and healthcare professionals could be asking and what could healthcare professionals co
nsider when going into an appointment with a pain patient, and vice versa.
-Sandra Lakke: After a short explanation of a new patient worksheet used in physiotherapy practices, attendees will be guided to work in small groups to develop worksheets to improve new patients consultations for their own settings. (30 minutes)
Periode20 sep. 2023
Evenementstitel13th Congress of European Pain Federation (EFIC) Boedapest
LocatieBudapest, HungaryToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational


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