Conexión No. 1 Workshop

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar, course


Conexión No. 1 Workshop – 26th -29th of June 2022.
Claudy Jongstra hosted the first in a series of Conexión workshops on the Balearic island of Menorca. Accompanying Claudy Jongstra’s latest artwork Guernica de la Ecología on its journey around the world are Jongstra’s core beliefs in biodiversity, community, education and creative industry which will inform each workshop and tailor it to the community within which it takes place. Over the course of four days, participants will foster a connection (conexión) with the diverse qualities of Jongstra’s artistic medium of choice: sheep’s wool. From its medicinal healing potential to the durability of felted wool as a material for shelter, Conexión seeks to explore the promise of this traditional material in a modern light.
I presented two lectures as part of the seminar, one on Wildpainting and one on arts-based environmental education.
Periode26 jun. 202230 jun. 2022
LocatieMenorca, SpainToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational


  • wildpainting
  • wool
  • ecology