Co-creation event with the GroeneBruggenBouwers local citizen initiative in Hoogkerk

  • Psarra, I. (Organiser)
  • Adrian Figueroa Flores (Speaker)
  • Bob van Ulsen (Speaker)

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar, course


Designed, organized and facilitated a co-creation (online) event with the members of the local citizen initiative "GroeneBruggenBouwers" of Hoogkerk. The main focus of the event was exchanging feedback with the participants on the preliminary results of a Q subjectivity analysis conducted in Hoogkerk, as well as on the energy transition proposal for Hoogkerk Zuid (based on the integrated landscape approach).
Periode9 dec. 2021
LocatieGroningen, NetherlandsToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningLocal