Bounded freedom: common grounds & different perspectives in the classroom

  • Tineke Kingma (Speaker)
  • Eelco Schilder (Speaker)

Activiteit: Oral presentation


For us “Bounded Freedom” is the most important and discussed pillars of Honours education. During our workshop we challenge you to explore the possibilities and limitations of ‘Bounded Freedom’ in your daily practise. What does this mean for both involved students and teachers? What is the right balance between facilitating structure and offering freedom to the student?
We invite both students and teachers to take part in our workshop to give their perspective on what they think is their ‘freedom’ and what is their ‘bounded’ part? We offer you a combination of theoretical background, discussing casuistic and dialogic setting. Using this to find out what makes you as a teacher decide to give or restrict the students autonomy/freedom and how you, as a student, experience the decisions the teacher makes in his pedagogical approach.
Periode8 jun. 20179 jun. 2017
EvenementstitelInternational Honours Conference Windesheim
LocatieZwolle, NetherlandsToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational


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