Boosting Cybersecurity Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar, course


During this year's DIES, Jaya Baloo will receive an honorary doctorate in the area of cybersecurity. In her new role as honorary doctor, Jaya will act as the "ambassador for the University of Twente and the Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity (TUCCR)". To celebrate this, TUCCR organizes the "Boosting Cybersecurity Innovation and Entrepreneurship" mini symposium on the 20th of May. This event is an excellent opportunity to meet Jaya in person and discuss with her directions for future cybersecurity research.
Periode22 mei 2022
LocatieEnschede, Netherlands
Mate van erkenningRegional


  • cybersecurity
  • digitale veiligheid