Beyond greed and fear: sustainable financial management

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    A research programme into ethical, socially responsible thought as a precondition for our financial actions.

    Speech of Dr. Margreet Boersma of Hanze University of Applied Sciences at her installation as a professor of Sustainable Financial Management.
    There is little room for what's good, beautiful and right in a marketfocused society in which terms such as efficiency, affordability, profitability and performance control our thoughts and actions.

    Our way of associating with one another, however, is cracking at the seams. Gradually, a shift in paradigm as to how we view the organisation of human activity is becoming
    noticeable. Do we carry out activities for one another in order to earn as much money as possible, or is the aim to carry out meaningful work with one another that contributes to greater happiness? The shift in paradigm manifests itself in numerous local initiatives in which people leave the large systems behind them and start again together.

    The professorship Sustainable Financial Management was created in response to the need to contribute to this shift in paradigm. The students from the School of Financial and Economic Management need to contribute to building a valuable society. We want to give them the thinking, the skills and the tools that they can use to make a difference.
    Periode16 okt. 2013
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    • bedrijfseconomie
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    • duurzaamheid
    • financieel management
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