Audiomotor transformations in music

  • Robert Harris (Speaker)

    Activiteit: Invited talk


    Three topics are discussed: audiomotor transformations in music, the aural perception of music, and procedural learning and music syntax. Biologically, the ability to make music and enjoy it is based on the innate capacities for beat induction and relative pitch (recognition of melodic contour). The results of the author’s investigation into brain activation in improvising and non-improvising musicians are presented. The aural perception of music is discussed in the context of the dual-stream perception-action model and the ‘predicting’ brain. The consequences for music learning and performance are elaborated. The concept of procedural learning is presented. Two levels of syntax are distinguished. The role of improvisation and interaction in the acquisition of hierarchical syntax is described.
    Periode30 apr. 2017
    Evenementstitel27th lustrum G.S.M.G. Bragi
    LocatieGroningen, NetherlandsToon op kaart
    Mate van erkenningLocal


    • muziek
    • musici
    • menselijk brein