AEC Annual Congress and General Assembly 2014

  • Rineke Smilde (Chair)

    Activiteit: Participation in conference


    Erasmus Network for Music "Polifonia" WG 5 Mobility: recognition, monitoring and joint degrees. Presentation held at the AEC conference in Budapest, november 2014. Rineke Smilde was chair of this session and presented a part of the presentation on External Examining. The main objective of this working group in a nutshell is to promote mobility in the higher music education sector, raising the quality, making it more attractive and accessible. We have worked on this through a variety of activities, which can be roughly divided into three areas: 1. The area of mobility: dealing with recognition issues, obstacles and challenges of international collaboration 2. The area of external examining, where we were aiming to facilitate reciprocal external examining arrangements within European conservatoires, 3. The area of joint programmes and joint degrees All three areas have been informed and underpinned by nine site visits, where we studied these three areas, or went as counsellors. Also a few seminars for IRCs have been organised. In addition we have developed some important tools, which will be discussed. These three parts of our work will now briefly be discussed by various members of the working group, starting with part on Joint programmes and degrees, where the handbook on Joint programmes will be discussed, then we will continue with the external examining, with the presentation of a document which will hopefully be helpful for you, followed by members who worked on the first part (on mobility issues) with short presentations of a step by step guide for Erasmusplus mobility; of an online Application system and finally you will hear something about the two interactive seminars during IRCs meetings.
    Periodenov. 2014
    LocatieBudapest, HungaryToon op kaart


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