Action-oriented predictive processing: grasping the aural world

Harris, R. (Speaker)

Activiteit: Invited talk


Current models of brain function indicate that sensory input is not only processed in two anatomically and functionally separate pathways, but that perception is the product of a predicting brain and not purely a representation of the input to which it has access. Sensory modalities are furthermore intertwined, making not only synesthesia possible in rare instances, but also the expropriation of neural resources as in the SMARC effect. The use of instrumental music training to enhance the hearing of CI-recipients builds on these models by promoting the implicit acquisition of ideomotor associations between musical pitch, tone color, volume, and hand movement.
Periode27 jun 2017
Gehouden opUniversity of Groningen - University Medical Center Groningen - Department of Otolaryngology, Netherlands
Mate van erkenningRegional


  • muziek
  • menselijk brein
  • cochleair implantaten