A integrated talent management approach towards sustaing the value of facility management leadership

Activiteit: Oral presentation


Trend reports project up to 50% of the experienced FM workforce within the upper and middle management levels of an organization will leave the workplace within the next 10-15 years. Current leadership continues to be tested by early retirement incentives, and constricting human resource management budgets. This causes high turnover within upper management, and the losses of upper management positions are taken by experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled people. These positions are later filled with new or inexperienced personnel. Mature organizations tend to have a succession plan in place for hiring and training new personnel. However; this is not the case for upper management, and seldom do these plans address large numbers of personnel leaving an organization. This is only half of the issue -- the other is preparing effective leadership from future generations who are less responsive to past management styles of the traditionalist or baby boomers. In the not so distant future most organizations will be led by Generation Y who tends to be more creative, innovative, collaborative, and multicultural minded. Current leadership should develop and implement FM human capital talent management plans that focus on development of the organization’s future emerging leaders from the next generation. This education session will share how: (1) two IFMA Foundation Accredited FM programs takes a deliberate talent management approach towards developing and delivering graduates prepared to assume their new workplace responsibilities; and (2) a human capital acquisition and development 'pipeline' interconnecting FM academics, applications and affiliations efforts can accelerate the development process.
Periode9 jun. 2016
Evenementstitel24th European Facility Management Conference (EFMC) 2016: enhancing people and business
LocatieMilan, ItalyToon op kaart
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  • leiderschap
  • facility management
  • talentontwikkeling