A hierarchy of materials?

  • Ann-Sophie Lehmann (Speaker)

Activiteit: Oral presentation


Professor Ann-Sophie Lehmann examines the meaning behind materials both historically and in contemporary art, exploring how artists use materials to inform their practice. Phyllida Barlow RA makes imposing, large-scale sculptural installations using inexpensive, everyday materials such as fabric, timber, polystyrene and plaster. To celebrate the exhibition, Phyllida Barlow RA cul-de-sac, we investigate the impact and meaning that material has on sculpture.
Does the material or medium the artist chooses to work in determine the value of the work? Does the popularity of a material during certain time periods make a difference? Can we look past the grandeur or simplicity of a material and simply see the sculpture? Does the artist choose the materials or do the materials choose the artist? How have artistic materials been related to questions of gender? In her talk, Professor Ann-Sophie Lehmann discusses how materials make meaning in works of art.
Periode10 mei 2019
EvenementstitelThe Hierarchy of Materials: Phyllida Barlow RA: cul-de-sac
LocatieLonden, United KingdomToon op kaart


  • kunst
  • materiaal