6th conference on Preventive Physiotherapy Japan

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Frailty and Physical Therapy

講演要旨 (Abstract)
The speed of ageing differs from country to country, but ageing is worldwide happening more quickly than in the past. We live in a dangerous world and all kinds of negative influences like stress or poor nutrition causes random molecular damage with an accumulation of cellular defects. And this will lead to age related frailty, disability and disease. Physiotherapist can have an important role in prevention and treatment of frailty. Frailty is a decrease of intrinsic or reserve capacity.
Frailty consists of three domains; psychological-cognitive frailty, social frailty and physical frailty. Physiotherapist are often focused on the physical problems, However the cognitive and social domain influences the physical domain. In order to enable frail elderly to keep up the social contacts, strong cognition and physical condition we must maximize their functional ability. The golden opportunities of physiotherapy in frail elderly are: a Holistic view, focus on the health benefits of exercise and physical activity, to be aware of the fact that the muscles are a large endocrine organ, to be an advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle in the full life circle, to be a proactive health professional.
Periode19 okt. 2019
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