Принятие и изменение поведения при энергетическом переходе

Activiteit: Invited talk


Invited talk on social acceptance of the energy transition in several countries.
This talk was part of the final module of the MBA program: "Sustainable development and social management of the company"
This module was organised by the Institute of additional professional eduction- higher economic School of St. Petersburg State Economic University in collaboration with EDI (Energy Delta Institute).

This MBA program is targeted at managers and leading specialists of PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries who are responsible for the social sphere and personnel management, representatives of the "Gazprom Union" and the primary trade Union organizations in the subsidiaries of OJSC "Gazprom".
The mission of the program is to develop the managerial potential of managers by improving key competencies and skills for effective social management in order to solve business problems based on the principles of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and social partnership.
Periode18 nov. 2020
Gehouden opSt. Petersburg State Economic University, Russian Federation
Mate van erkenningInternational


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