Parenting and psychiatric rehabilitation: can parents with severe mental illness benefit from a new approach?

Peter van der Ende, J.T. van Busschbach, J. Nicholson, L. Korevaar, J. van Weeghel

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With these results at hand we developed a new program and evaluated it . In this presentation we will reflect on the merits of this program but also share with you the insight gained from other studies that we did to in the context of the program. First a study on the prevalence to give us an indication of how many people with SMI have responsibilities as a parent. Working through these figures we have been wondering about the international differeecs in this aspect. Maybe you as an international crowd can help us to gain more insight in this subject. Second I will describe the intervention that was developed based on the imput of clients and building on the vision and methods of the Boston approach to rehabilition. At this moment more then 100 counselors are trained in this approach. To evaluate the intervention offered and establish some figures on its effectiveness, a quasi experimental study was done and I will present some of the results in the ample time we have. When developing the program and making an effort in implementing it in mental helath care, we became aware that there was still a lot to learn from both parents and mental health workers. During the experimental study, we learned that not many parents actually ask for support and that workers were enthousiastic about the training but did not find ways to implenent the program at full course. In this line of reasoning it became important to speak with different parents with SMI about the meaning of parenthood, how they succesfully dealt with the demands of parenting, waht it meant for their recovery and what kind of resources they used.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationXIth ENMESH International Conference proceedings
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • parenting
  • psychiatric rehabilitation


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