Musicians as Lifelong Learners

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Musicians today face major changes in the social-cultural landscape and thus in the music profession, which is rapidly changing. The changing cultural life leads to a shift in nature of the career of musicians, suggesting more flexible career patterns and a great need for transferable skills. Musicians hold no longer a job for life, but are increasingly self-employed, so entrepreneurship becomes more and more important. They often have a portfolio career, where they combine several forms of professional activities.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLebenslanges Lernen und erziehungswissenschaftliche Biographieforschung
Subtitle of host publicationKonzepte und Forschung im europäischen Diskurs
EditorsPeter Alheit, Heide von Felden
Place of PublicationWiesbaden
PublisherVS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-531-91520-3
ISBN (Print)978-3-531-15600-2
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2009


  • musicians
  • lifelong learning

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    Smilde, R. (2009). Musicians as Lifelong Learners. In P. Alheit, & H. von Felden (Eds.), Lebenslanges Lernen und erziehungswissenschaftliche Biographieforschung: Konzepte und Forschung im europäischen Diskurs (pp. 175-189). VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.