Inspiring radiographers to engage in research

P Hogg, F Alrehily, C Sá Dos Reis, C Buissink, H Erenstein, Marcel Voet

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    The value which research brings to health and wellbeing is unquestioned. Without it, progress in diagnosis, treatment and care would probably cease and the service offered to patients and clients would deteriorate. Engaging student radiographers, and radiographers who are early in their careers, with the research agenda is important as it is this group of people particularly who could go on to make meaningful career-long contributions to the radiographic knowledge base and clinical practice advancements. The radiography profession continues to suffer from a lack of engagement in research and because of this, in 2012, a multi-national collaboration was established to create a residential summer school in order to provide a real research experience to inspire participants to value research and/or carry out research as part of their career. The summer school is called OPTIMAX and it is primarily aimed at BSc student radiographers. MSc students and newly qualified radiographers are welcome to participate; also, university tutors are also welcome too as they can gain greatly from it. For doctoral (e.g. PhD) qualified radiographers, attending OPTIMAX could be a good steppingstone in a post-doctoral career as it offers a good experience in team working in research. It is worth remembering that a doctoral qualification is solely intended to develop research abilities and the research career should start on the day the doctoral qualification is acquired. Sadly, for many individuals within radiography, the day the doctoral qualification is attained is the day research stops. OPTIMAX therefore offers an opportunity to a wide range of people, to inspire and help them gain skills, confidence and insight into how research can be conducted in teams and disseminated for the benefit of others.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)S69-S70
    Publication statusPublished - 26 May 2020


    • allied health personnel
    • humans
    • radiologists


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