Feasibility study: Flying Carpet: connection between P+R facility Glimmen and Groningen Airport Eelde by autonomous vehicles

Hans Appel, Jarick Bruinsma, Niels van Steenis, Rutger ten Have, Jarno Wilkens

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    Green Sustainable Airport (GSA), an Interreg IVB project that is part of the North Sea Region Program, is an initiative of Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE). One of the goals of the GSA project is:
    The development and testing of sustainable and innovative applications that contribute to a more sustainable exploitation and increased accessibility of all partner airports.
    Currently a lot of research in the field of autonomous vehicles is carried out globally. In this research, named the “Flying Carpet”, the feasibility of using autonomous vehicles for passenger transfer between a future P+R facility at Glimmen and Groningen Airport Eelde is examined.
    Feasibility is researched on a technical, juridical and economic level. Implementing the proposed connection seems juridically feasible.
    -The juridical feasibility cannot be guaranteed, because it is a new situation whereby involved parties need to present a definitive answer, which at this stage is not possible.
    -Realizing the proposed concept has been indicated by the involved companies to be technically feasible, given that additional (existing) technologies will still need to be implemented. From a financial point of view, implementing an AGV connection is not recommendable.
    -The investment costs per transported passenger will be high, mainly because the transfer demand throughout a given day only has a few, if not just one, peak during arrival or departure of a flight. Therefore, choosing the AGV connection option should not be based on a financial point of view, but instead on gaining non-tangible assets in favour of GSA and GAE.
    Original languageDutch
    Place of PublicationGroningen
    PublisherHanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen - Research Centre for Built Environment – NoorderRuimte
    Number of pages119
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


    • transport

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