Experimenten Participatiewet: Weten wat werkt voor wie

M.W.J.L. Sanders, J. Betko, K. Blom-Stam, Arjen Edzes, P.J. Gramberg, L. Groot, Klaas Kloosterman, M. de Kruijk, R.J.A. Muffels, S. Rosenkranz, Richard Rijnks, C.H.B.M. Spierings, J.J.W. de Swart, Viktor Venhorst, T.L. Verlaat

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In recent years (1 October 2017 - 31 December 2019), six municipalities have conducted experiments in the assistance under the Temporary Decree Experiments Participation Act. The aim was to improve the implementation of the Participation Act through less control and coercion and more room for own direction, extra guidance and customization. The municipalities have asked the research institutes to scientifically investigate the results of these experiments. In order to be able to compare, the researchers used the same questionnaire in all six municipalities, the same outcome measures were used and the analysis model is also the same. However, because the experiments are designed at the municipal level, the differences between the municipalities and the experiments implemented are too big to really be able to combine the data. For a complete comparison and interpretation of the six experiments, we refer to the local final reports. The experiments, however, each individually, but above all in conjunction, provide relevant information for (future) policy that can fuel the discussion about the future of social security in the Netherlands. That is why we decided to write this joint semi-trailer to provide an initial insight into the broader outcomes on a selection of outcome measures. After a brief summary of the conclusions, we will discuss the various experiments and some important outcome measures in more detail.
Original languageDutch
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 12 May 2020
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  • participation act
  • experiments
  • social assistance

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