Bewegen als bindmiddel in Coronatijd

Translated title of the contribution: Exercising as social glue in Corona time

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Corona and the intelligent lock down has a major influence on people's exercise behaviour and the related consequences for physical and mental health, the immune system, etc. Fitbit describes in a blog on its website the worldwide decrease of physical activity measured by the amount of steps per day: at the end of March 2020, European countries show a decrease in the varying from 7% to 38%. Of course, combating COVID-19 was initially the top priority, but other adverse effects of Corona now also require attention. One of these effects is the decrease in the daily amount of exercise as a result of being confined at home
Translated title of the contributionExercising as social glue in Corona time
Original languageDutch
Media of outputonline
Publication statusPublished - 24 Apr 2020


  • older adults
  • social behaviour
  • physical activity


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