Activating the implementers: the role of organizational expectations, teacher beliefs, and motivation in bringing about reform

Yi-Hwa Liou, Esther Canrinus, Alan Daly

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review


Internationally the research community has been seeking a deeper understanding about how to shape the work of educators over decades of educational reforms. This study attempts to contribute to this understanding by answering: “What motivates educators to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)?” Using data from all school educators in one highly diverse school district in California and structural equation modeling to investigate the relationships between teachers' CCSS-related action and associated organizational and individual factors, findings suggest both organizational (expectation) and intrinsic (motivations and beliefs) factors are directly and indirectly influencing teachers’ action towards CCSS implementation.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)60-72
JournalTeaching and teacher education : an international journal of research and studies
Publication statusPublished - 2019
Externally publishedYes



  • common core state standards
  • beliefs
  • motivation
  • expectation
  • innovative climate
  • behaviors

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