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submitted to the 3nd Interreg Europe programme call Priority 1.1 (Deadline: the 30th of June 2017)

Project duration: 5 years (Phase I will last 3 years: 6 Semesters and Phase II - 2 years: 4 Semesters)
Project budget: 1,75 M Euro Partner contribution: 263,5 K Euro

The TraCS3 project addresses challenges how to improve the support for regional innovation infrastructure, its better employment and involvement in global innovation values chains, increase innovation capacities to build innovation and research excellence in the regions and how to enable interregional collaboration to help the regions open up their innovation potential to the world. Regional innovation infrastructures and innovation capacities are the backbone of dynamic regional innovation eco-systems. To innovate, industry, especially SMEs, partly rely on research and innovation institutions and their capacities to provide access to the necessary technology infrastructures for upscaling, prototyping and validation of new solutions before they can enter the market. In this context, partners will look for ways to stimulate the development and utilisation of innovation infrastructures, to find gaps, look for opportunities to address them and support further collaboration between existing infrastructures increasing innovation capacities. Seeking to strengthen regional innovation potential through the interregional collaboration, partners will explore opportunities to establish/improve financial schemes for the ERDF use outside programmes' area.

Short titleImprovement regional Eco-systems
Effective start/end date1/04/181/04/23

Collaborative partners

  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences (lead)
  • Provincie West Vlaanderen
  • Agency for Science Innovation and Technology litania
  • Universitat Bremen
  • North East regional Development Agency Romania
  • Baltic Institute of Finland
  • Business Innovation Centre of Albacete