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The switch to a 100% CO2-free heating system will be a revolution. Heat is now mainly generated from fossil fuels and cascades through the processes from high to low temperature, after which it is released to the environment. This practice must be converted to a system with maximum application of circular heat; upgrading instead of emitting to the environment, and primary generation must come from 100% sustainable sources.
Doel van het project:
For the vision year 2030, the innovations are aimed at accelerating the applicability of heat pump technologies through a case-based approach for integration into the existing industry. Parallel efforts are to be made to increase process efficiency in unit operations, through efficient separation and drying processes that decrease the amount of water to be evaporated and increase the heat upgrading potential and smart process optimisation and control through digital twins.
THIO applies an integrated case driven approach addressing these three aspects to achieve a significant savings in the amount of heat. THIO does not intent to develop new processes, but instead explores, selects, adapts and integrates the possible technological solutions to the industrial cases.
Short titleThe Heat Is On
Effective start/end date1/07/2130/06/25

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