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In the SensEQuake project, the Research Centre for Built Environment NoorderRuimte of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, StabiAlert, Target Holding and NHL Stenden Leeuwarden are investigating the following question:

How can we provide relevant and understandable information to support decision makers when an earthquake has occurred?
In case of a crisis such as an earthquake, parties such as the provincial government, large company sites, airports or hospitals need information on the scope and severity of the effect of the crisis.

Systematic updates of the actual situation on site are of the essence for emergency services. At present only a small amount of the data necessary for this information needed is being collected. And the data that is collected is not processed into relevant and easily understandable information for the decision makers. This project aims to fill this gap.

The objective of the project is to integrate the existing sensor technologies into a decision support system, allowing a wider and more immediate use of sensor data for public interest, particularly in crisis times.

A heat-map will be produced based on scenario earthquakes and loss (hazard and risk assessment) estimation tools. After running several scenario quakes, critical points in respect to the expected damages and the distribution of existing sensors will be defined. More sensors in critical locations will also be placed to create a high enough resolution.
Effective start/end date1/02/1931/01/21

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