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The project aims to maintain a competitive regional economy and to strengthen innovation support capacity by ensuring access to a strong and adaptable workforce with the necessary skills to support future growth.
This will be done by increasing regional knowledge on future skills needs amongst SMEs and bridging existing skills gaps. Innovation support mechanisms and educational practices will be tested allowing for adjustments and the development of a robust future-proofed flexible system. The project will give authorities new tools within skills development, which are specially connected to the region's smart specialisation strategy. This will contribute to an increased innovation capacity in North Sea Region by aligning these two strategic elements in a regional perspective.
Hanze will focus on strengthening new developments in energy transition by exploring growth potential of cross-border and cross-sectoral aspects. Expertise in value chain and systems innovations including cluster systems development and digital/other technologies will be leveraged to support exploration of growth potential and needs of the energy industry. HZ will co-create and evaluate new strategies, knowledge, skills and business models with clusters and businesses in energy transition sector.
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Effective start/end date21/10/1831/12/21

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