Ph.D-project 'Seismic Response of Connection Details in Traditional Groningen Houses'

Project: PHD Research

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The Ph.D. candidate will investigate the seismic response of connection details frequently used in traditional Dutch construction practice, specifically in the Groningen area. The research will focus on the experimental and numerical definition of the complete load-deflection behaviour of each considered connection; specifically, the tests will aim at identifying stiffness, strength, ductility, and dissipative behaviour of the connections. The experiments will be conducted on scaled or full-scale components that properly resemble the as-built and retrofitted as well connection details. The tests will involve monotonic and cyclic loading protocols to be able to define the load and displacement response of the connection to reversal loads, such as earthquakes, as well as the development of failure mechanisms under such loading cases. Possibly, also dynamic tests will be performed. Numerical models will be created and calibrated versus the experimental findings. Characteristic hysteretic behaviours of the examined connection types will be provided for the use of engineers and researchers.
Effective start/end date1/09/171/09/22

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