Novel Hybrid Testing of a Geographically Distributed Multi-storey TImber Structure

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HYSTERESIS project aims to use geographically distributed hybrid testing for providing experimental evidence for energy dissipation and SSI response of buildings composed of mass timber and CLT panels. The project outcomes will give a boost to the efforts of building multi-story timber structures in areas with wind and/or earthquake loading conditions. The particularities of the problem in hand and the need for testing in large scale while taking into account the SSI, dictate using a novel hybrid testing approach.

Layman's description

The project virtually breaks down a large timber structure into pieces and simultaneously simulates and tests each piece in a different laboratory or facility. In this way, unique aspects of each facility can be used at the same time. The experiments take place in a synchronized way, which is a difficult task considering 4 countries (UK, Canada, Greece and the Netherlands) will work at the same time for testing one hypothetical timber structure.

Key findings

Geographically distributed hybrid testing blue sky research, timber structure testing including soil-structure-interaction
Effective start/end date1/03/2430/04/25

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