Microbial Garden Food Truck

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The message we intend to communicate is that in the future, our cities can (partly) feed themselves with healthy foods grown in microbial gardens, which can be part of a household kitchen or community garden for providing fresh green "vegetables" where the energy for the artificial LED lighting for the microbial garden is coming from solar panels on roofs thereby making this system free from fossil energy.
For Floriade 2022, we would like to introduce the Urban Microbial garden pop-up restaurant for feeding and greening the city. The menu will include a speciality microbiota vegan burger made from algae, seaweed, fungi and fava beans served on dishes made from baked mycelium. Our objective is to elicit consumer perception and opinion on the future of our new microbial food chain, which is fully sustainable and safer for the environment. Consumer opinions will be video recorded and compiled into a short movie/video for further inspiration and analysis for product/service development. This pop-up restaurant is a logical extension of the Art-Work by 4F.STUDIO (Kim van den Belt, Joshua Kelly, Steven Wobbes) already present in Kavel 123 at Floriade as part of the Light Challenge. The artwork depicts a future object for community gardens which supports the idea of locally produced microbes. Since we already have work at Floriade, this living-lab project has the benefit of broadening the vision of their work through more in-depth and visceral feedback.
Effective start/end date12/05/2231/12/22