LIfelong Fitness Testing The Steep Ramp Test in Dutch adults and elderly: age- and sex-related normative values and the investigation of validity, reproducibility and underlying physiological responses

Project: PHD Research

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Although cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) is being recognized as an important
marker of health and functioning, it is currently not routinely assessed in daily clinical practice. There is an urgent need for a simple and feasible exercise test that can validly and reliably estimate an individual’s CRF. The Steep Ramp Test (SRT) is such a practical short-time exercise test (work rate increments of 25 W/10 seconds, so the test phase will only take up to 4 minutes) on a cycle ergometer, that does not require expensive equipment or specialized knowledge, and has been found able to validly and reliably estimate an
individual’s CRF. Although the SRT is already frequently used in the Netherlands to evaluate CRF, sex- and age-specific reference values for adults and elderly are lacking thus far, which seriously limits the interpretation of test results.
Short titleLifelong Fitness Testing
Effective start/end date1/05/2130/04/25