Just What I Want; How to Create Personlised Digitals Tools to "Unlock" the hidden Cultural Sector

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There are many digital tools and online agendas that try to help people in getting a clear overview of the cultural events and venues available in their city. They generate an overview which is quite suitable for finding commercial, mainstream entertainment events but most of the time they lack the ‘in depth’ content. As such, they are quite ‘generic’ and overlook the niches and specific sub-genres that define the heart of the cultural sector of a city (and match the individual preferences of the consumer). On the other hand, larger cities, with more than 100.000 inhabitants, may have websites or apps that counter this mainstream approach but tend to be too ‘cultural’, in the sense that they focus on artistic niche cultures or on specific events for very small target audiences. Both approaches make it challenging for (starting) artists to reach their potential audiences in a structural way and in that sense ‘valorise’ their content. A combination of those approaches could work, but that leads to the problem of overchoice, and requires a better filtering system. The “Just What I Want project” aims to bridge this gap in approach and uses the knowledge of experienced parties like the Groningen Night Mayor and the conclusions that were drawn after 3 years of the existence of the Here & Now in Groningen platform to generate a new form of cultural participation. This participation is intended to suit a wide variety of audiences and their potential events as well as venues and the audience that they search for.
Short titleJust What I Want
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/01/21

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