Internationalisation and IBS Hanze Alumni

  • Liefers, Jan (PI)

Project: Research

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This research explores if and how the career of IBS Hanze UAS alumni can be considered international.Country of settlement, nationality and home base of the employing company were considered in a descriptive research. Data was collected form the public LinkedIn profile of 2050 alumni as well as Hanze UAS internal databases. A smal qualitative research was conducted with 46 respondents to explore the questions why and how Internationalisation was relevant for the alumni.

Layman's description

What is the current career of alumni from the International Business School of hte Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Where do they work and what is the relevance of Internationalisation in the careers of these Alumni.

Key findings

IBS Hanze alumni work Internationally, some 30 % of the Dutch and Germnan alumni work in other countries than their nationality. For alumni of other nationalities both germany and the Netherlands seem te be countries of settlement. Alumni work in majority for larger companies that operate Internationally.
Short titleIBS HAnze UAS Alumni
Effective start/end date15/09/1429/11/17