From motion to emotion: using Improvisational theatre as a tool for enhancing musicians' expressive skills

Project: PHD Research

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Using the genre of Improvisational theatre as a basis, my research aims to design and develop instructional strategies that would help students enhance their expressive skills and achieve the flexibility to adapt their motor behavior to the musical piece. Embodying diverse characters and physicalities, as well as affective states or fictional realities through improv theatre exercises should enable them to expand their expressive range and, therefore, better convey their interpretation to their audience. Through this process, this study also seeks to gain an understanding of the effect this type of training may have on musicians' performance experience, as well as its implications in other areas of their development.

Key findings

expressiveness, performance, musicians, skills, education
Short titleFrom motion to emotion
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/26


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