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Krewerd is a small village in the North-East side of the Groningen Gas Field. It has 45 houses in total, 2 of which are included in the P50 risk zone and will therefore be assessed by National Coordinator Groningen (NCG). The rest of the houses are not in the priority list and will not be evaluated within 3 years, according to the existing plans of September 2019.
It has been made clear by NCG that the usual engineering process, that includes all sorts of engineering calculations and procedures per NPR9998, cannot be followed in Krewerd. This is because the available engineering capacity is being used by NCG at its maximum, for the prior aim of accelerating the assessment and strengthening works in the P50 region.
This project is prepared for presentation to NCG as an experimental project at Krewerd and is based on an initial document prepared by Fons Verheijen , a supportive document prepared by Otto Wassenaar , as well as the recent meeting by the two and Ihsan Engin Bal from Hanze. Furthermore, considering that the NCG is seeking an acceleration of the assessment procedure, the village Krewerd may play a role as a pilot.
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/04/21

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