Active Ageing Campus

  • Shokoohi, Roya (PI)
  • Tuinier, Kris (PI)
  • Wiggers, Hiske (PI)
  • Zijl, Mieke (PI)
  • van Dijk, Valesca (PI)

Project: Research

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Developing and realizing an innovative concept for the Active Aging campus in two years, where students, teachers, companies, residents of surrounding Campus neighborhoods will be invited to do exercise, sports, play, meet and participate. This includes, on the one hand, providing input with regard to a mobility-friendly design from an infrastructural perspective and, on the other hand, organizing activities that contribute to Healthy Aeging of the Zernike site and the city of Groningen. It is not only about having an Active Aging campus with an iconic image, but also about the process. In the process of realization, students, teachers, researchers, companies and residents from surrounding districts will be explicitly involved. This includes hardware (physical environment / infrastructure), software (social environment) and orgware (interaction between the two).
Effective start/end date1/09/171/09/19

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