Personal profile

Personal profile

As the Lector in Value-Driven Care, my research focuses on advancing the understanding and implementation of value-based principles in healthcare delivery. Value-driven care emphasizes achieving the best outcomes for patients while optimizing resource allocation and reducing waste. My research aims to address key questions such as:

  1. How can we effectively measure and define value in healthcare?
  2. What are the barriers and facilitators to implementing value-based care models in different healthcare settings?
  3. How can we incorporate patient perspectives and preferences into value assessments?
  4. What are the economic implications of transitioning to value-based care, and how can we ensure sustainability?
  5. How can healthcare organizations adapt their systems and processes to prioritize value and improve patient outcomes?

Through interdisciplinary collaboration and empirical research, I strive to provide evidence-based insights that inform policy and practice, ultimately contributing to the advancement of value-driven healthcare delivery.


  • R Medicine (General)
  • H Social Sciences (General)