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Rapid chemoenzymatic route to glutamate transporter inhibitor l-TFB-TBOA and related amino acids

Fu, H., Younes, S. H. H., Saifuddin, M., Tepper, P. G., Zhang, J., Keller, E., Heeres, A., Szymanski, W. & Poelarends, G. J. 21 Mar 2017 In : Organic & biomolecular chemistry. 15, 11, p. 2341-2344

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Transition bioeconomy: biorefinery new products

van Haren, R. Oct 2015 1 p.

Research output: Other research outputPoster

Transition bioeconomy green entrepreneurship

van Haren, R. Oct 2015 1 p.

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Algaefinery: production and refinery of algae on a pilot scale

Schoondorp, M., Faber, F. & Brattinga, N. 13 Jan 2014 1 p.

Research output: Other research outputPoster


Algaefinery: isolation of algal oils from algae

Brattinga, N., Faber, F., Geertsema, J., Schoondorp, M., Knol, B., Wijers, T., Zandvoort, F., van den Berg, W. J., Schutte, H. & Nap, J. P. 14 Nov 2013 1 p.

Research output: Other research outputPoster

Lupin protein: a source of innovation for food and health

Ebbelaar, M., Faber, F., Binnema, D. J., Nap, J. P. & van Haren, R. 14 Nov 2013 1 p.

Research output: Other research outputPoster

Measuring increased fibre content in enzymatically modified starch

Ebbelaar, M., Geertsema, J., Faber, F., Binnema, D. J. & Nap, J. P. 2013 1 p.

Research output: Other research outputPoster


Enzymatic degradation of granular potato starch by Microbacterium aurum strain B8.A

Sarian, F. D., van der Kaaij, R. M., Kralj, S., Wijbenga, D-J., Binnema, D. J., van der Maarel, M. J. E. C. & Dijkhuizen, L. Jan 2012 In : Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 93, 2, p. 645-654

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Scholing door Noord-Nederlandse werkgevers in 2011

van Lieshout, H., Gellert, F. J., Haan, H. & Brummer, M. Jan 2012 Co-makership rond Leven Lang Leren in het hbo. van Lieshout, H. (ed.). Kenniscentrum Arbeid Hanzehogeschool Groningen, p. 18-49

Research output: ProfessionalChapter

Open Access

WP 2C; analysis of enzymatically modified starch

Ebbelaar, M. 16 Apr 2012 1 p.

Research output: Other research outputPoster


Prebiotics in human digestion

Faber, F., Ebbelaar, M., Hofstede, G., Geertsema, J., de Lange, K. & Nap, J. P. 2011 1 p.

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Open Access

Development of proximal arm muscle control during reaching in young infants: from variation to selection

Bakker, H., de Graaf-Peters, V. B., van Eykern, L. A., Otten, B. & Hadders-Algra, M. Feb 2010 In : Infant behavior & development. 33, 1, p. 30-38

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


Covariation bias for social events and signs of (dis)approval in high and low socially anxious individuals

de Jong, P. J., de Graaf-Peters, V., van Hout, W. J. P. J. & van Wees, R. Jun 2009 In : Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry. 40, 2, p. 359-373

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


Development of postural control in typically developing children and children with cerebral palsy: possibilities for intervention?

de Graaf-Peters, V. B., Blauw-Hospers, C. H., Dirks, T., Bakker, H., Bos, A. F. & Hadders-Algra, M. 2007 In : Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews. 31, 8, p. 1191-1200

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Does early intervention in infants at high risk for a developmental motor disorder improve motor and cognitive development?

Blauw-Hospers, C. H., de Graaf-Peters, V. B., Dirks, T., Bos, A. F. & Hadders-Algra, M. 2007 In : Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews. 31, 8, p. 1201-1212

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


Specific postural support promotes variation in motor behaviour of infants with minor neurological dysfunction

de Graaf-Peters, V. B., De Groot-Hornstra, A. H., Dirks, T. & Hadders-Algra, M. Dec 2006 In : Developmental medicine & child neurology. 48, 12, p. 966-972

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


A novel thermoreversible gelling product made by enzymatic modification of starch

Van Der Maarel, M. J. E. C., Capron, I., Euverink, G. J. W., Bos, H. T., Kaper, T., Binnema, D. J. & Steeneken, P. A. M. Oct 2005 Starch/Staerke. Vol. 57, p. 465-472 (Starch/Staerke; vol. 57)

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewChapter

Cyclohexane-based low molecular weight hydrogelators: a chirality investigation

Friggeri, A., van der Pol, C., van Bommel, K. J. C., Heeres, A., Stuart, M. C. A., Feringa, B. L. & van Esch, J. 5 Sep 2005 In : Nature chemistry. 11, 18, p. 5353-5361

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

The Kozijavkin method: giving parents false hope?

Hadders-Algra, M., Dirks, T., Blauw-Hospers, C. & de Graaf-Peters, V. 9 Mar 2005 In : Lancet (London, England). 365, 9462, p. 842

Research output: ScientificArticle


A synthetic strategy for novel nonsymmetrical bola amphiphiles based on carbohydrates

Schuur, B., Wagenaar, A., Heeres, A. & Heeres, E. H. J. 28 Apr 2004 In : Carbohydrate research. 339, 6, p. 1147-1153

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Responsive cyclohexane-based low-molecular-weight hydrogelators with modular architecture

van Bommel, K. J. C., van der Pol, C., Muizebelt, I., Friggeri, A., Heeres, A., Meetsma, A., Feringa, B. L. & van Esch, J. 19 Mar 2004 In : Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English). 43, 13, p. 1663-1667

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


Process for preparing chain-extended starch

Gotlieb, K. F., Bruinenberg, P. M., Schotting, J. B. & Binnema, D. J. 6 Apr 1994

Research output: Other research outputPatent


Production of native-starch-degrading enzymes by a Bacillus firmus/lentus strain

Wijbenga, D-J., Beldman, G., Veen, A. & Binnema, D. 1991 In : Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 35, 2, p. 180-184

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


Animal energy budgets affect the kinetics of xenobiotics

Kooijman, S. A. L. M. & van Haren, R. J. F. 1990 In : Chemosphere. 21, 4-5, p. 681-693 13 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle


Specific fibrinolytic properties of different molecular forms of pro-urokinase from a monkey kidney cell culture

Rijken, D. C., Binnema, D. J. & Los, P. 15 Jun 1986 In : Thrombosis and haemostasis. 42, 6, p. 761-768

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle