Measuring the opinions of family members about their involvement in care



The current dataset contains an instrument to measure the opinions of family members about their level of involvement in nursing care at home (FINC-FO). The instrument was adapted from the existing instrument 'Family Importance in Nursing Care - Nurse Attitude' (FINC-NA, Benzein et al, 2008). While this instrument has been developed for nursing care in the home situation, it can be adapted to other care settings and/or to other healthcare professions. The dataset contains documentation of the conversion of the FINC-NA statements into FINC-FO statements and a description of the data analyses that followed data collection of over 1,300 family members. The raw data are not shared.
Date made available21 Nov 2023
Temporal coverage11 Apr 2022 - 2 May 2022
Date of data production5 Apr 2022
Geographical coverageNorthern region of The Netherlands


  • home nursing
  • home care services
  • informal care
  • family perspective
  • family opinion
  • healthcare professionals
  • collaboration
  • division of care

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