EnTranCe — hastening the energy transition in the Netherlands

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During my cleantech tour of the Netherlands last year, I got to interview the head of EnTranCe and another key leader there, an interesting business innovation center for applied sciences that is connected to Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Energy Academy Europe.

Jan-Jaap Aué is Dean of the Institute of Engineering at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Dean of the Centre of Expertise Energy at Hanze University, and head of EnTranCe, which is part of that centre. Alongside of Jan-Jaap Aué was Wim Van Gemert, Leading Energy Professor for the Energy Transition at the Energy Research Centre at Hanze University.

Period1 May 2016

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleEnTranCe — Hastening The Energy Transition In The Netherlands
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    Producer/AuthorZachary Shahan
    PersonsJan-jaap Aué, Wim van Gemert


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