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  • Rineke Smilde (Chair)

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    Trends and changes in the european music profession.

    Understanding the evolving trends and issues in the music profession is essential for professional training institutions so they can provide their students with a solid preparation for professional life. Feedback on this evolving profession was sought from professional stakeholders, as well as from teachers and former students who are both teaching and performing. Structured research also provided crucial information. This awareness of the profession and the surrounding environment should assist training institutions in their curriculum development and assist them in their teaching of innovative traditional and contemporary forms of musical practice.
    The objectives of the Polifonia working group on the music profession were to search for and reflect on information related to trends in the profession. In the light of these findings, and by studying professional training institutions’ curricula, the group suggests areas of potential development for conservatoires. The group also reflected on the relevance of the current list of learning outcomes defined by the Tuning working group and how they respond to the identified trends in the music profession.

    The members of the Polifonia profession working group were:
    • Gretchen Amussen (Co-chair - Conservatoire de Paris)
    • Rineke Smilde (Co-chair – Prins Claus Conservatoire Groningen)
    • Lincoln Abbotts (Association of British Orchestras)
    • Timo Klemettinen (European Music School Union)
    • Katja Schaefer (Bayrische Akademie der Schönen Künste)
    • Einar Solbu (European Music Council)
    • Rui Fernandes (International Federation of Musicians)
    • Fiona Harvey (Association of British Orchestras) - member in first project year

    The outcomes of the working group’s work are:
    • Descriptions of the latest trends in the music profession
    • A study on the relevance of learning outcomes to the music profession
    • The identification of rare and new competences via portraits of musicians working on the cutting edge of diciplines, case studies and site visits
    • A study on alumni policies in professional music training institutions
    • A study on the free movement of musicians in Europe
    Held atERASMUS Network for Music ‘Polifonia’, Belgium
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